Friday, October 9, 2015

The wrong Estrace!

The mail order pharmacy has sent me the wrong generic Estrace. 

I noticed that the pills were shaped differently than in the past, so I called the pharm. yep!  They sent generic Estrace from another manufacturer. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but dr K only wants TEVA Estrace. They knew this and sent the wrong one. 

The pharmacist I spoke with said that they'll probably send out the correct rx free of charge, which make sense because it was their error. I'll know next week. 

I also got my med protocol today. Another slight heart attack... I couldn't log in to the new site for the info so I emailed Lynda, waited about 45 minutes (it was after 3 here which meant after 4 there) and then I called. 

Turns out, after some figuring, I was one of the few in the July cycle who was tried out with this new protocol relaying site, so I had changed the automatic password. 

I got my lab, US, and endo scratch orders. I called my local clinic to get them scheduled and the infertility nurse was out but the nurse who returned my call didn't know what an endo scratch was... Yikes!  I hope he infertility nurse does!  Otherwise I need to find another clinic :(

So a lot happened today on the EA front. Happenings mean it's getting closer!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Getting closer!

I just got an email from Lynda (NEDC nurse) and we need to update our lab tests. 

Luckily, Mat already has an appointment next week so he can just bring the order. I'll just stop by the clinic for the draw when I'm in town. 

We're very fortunate that we love in ND where they have a 2 year home study, rather than just 1-year. So we don't have to renew the home study, just the lab tests. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

It begins...

I've started my OC. I'm moodier, hungrier, and I have acne. 

The things we do for kids :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Quilting retreat!

Disappearing Pinwheel (the quilt many of us worked on)

This past weekend was my old Church's annual quilt retreat.  I love to go and quilt (obviously!) but also see old friends :)
Two of my very best friends in the world :)

"scrap bags" made with left over fabric from last years quilt

I made the three on the left, the "Boo Bag" was in the gift exchange :)

Quilt top for my niece

Thursday, September 10, 2015

November it is!

We met with our Pastor and prayed a lot about it.  November it is!

I'll start my OC soon and soon after my other meds.  Gotta get those ordered!

In other news, Daughter has had some allergy issues.  She tries to hack up phlegm but doesn't know how.  It's really kind of cute, but I know how miserable it is :(

We started her on generic Zyrtec.  We have to mix it in with juice to get her to drink it. 

We think and  hope that the allergies (and resulting drainage) are causing her bad diarrhea of late.  She seems fine otherwise, energetic and no fever, but she has a horrible diaper rash :(

So we're spending less time outside.  It's hard, but it's better for her allergies.  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Is God trying to tell us something?

First the car, then the roof (which we haven't heard from insurance adjusters yet about) those are both major expenses. 

Then my parents will be out of town for half of our trip and can't watch Mookie (they can still watch Daughter and Mookie for the other half- just not the full week we had been planning). Now we found out that Mat's parents will be out of town through the Saturday before the transfer (we had been planning on driving to their place on Friday and taking off on Saturday morning. Leaving Daughter there). They said they would change their travel arrangements.... 

Is God trying to tell us something?

Should we not do the November transfer?  
That would be additional cost as we would have to renew our background checks (in ND home studies are good for 2 years but background checks must be renewed every year).  But that way we'd have extra time to save up after the other big expenses. Plus if we get pregnant the baby would be more than 3 years younger than Daughter... We were trying for 2-3 years age difference. 

Should we take Daughter with us?
That would likely be more stressful. Driving with her is not easy... We would probably have to fly, and that would stress me out more.  I hate flying. 

Should we make it a shorter trip?
That might have to be the way we go... But it just seems such a shame to sit in the car for over 20 hours to have two days at the destination. 

Should we give up on EA altogether?  
I really don't want this to be God's will. I really want to have genetic siblings for Daughter. I really don't want her to be an only child....

Infertility sucks. 

God, please guide us!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

When it rains, it storms.

First, we had a chemical pregnancy from our March transfer. 

Then we had a failed transfer in July. 

Then the loaner car that we had been borrowing from my mom (until after the next transfer when we could afford a new one) died. We got a new (to us) car on Friday. Complete with our first car payments. 

Then today, Mat noticed a spot on the ceiling. Yep, the roof is leaking. We had a hail storm at the end of June and he thinks that is what caused it. Hopefully insurance covers it and we only have to pay the deductible. 

I just feel like nothing is going right. I know we're very blessed to have wonderful family (including our miracle snowflake!), good jobs, great property, fantastic friends, and our Savior... But sometimes it's just hard. 
So blessed to have this little girl. Lord, help me to count my blessings more than my worries.