Monday, November 23, 2015


I didn't cramp at all today!  Woot!

Slight nausea, some itty bitty boob soreness.  Exhaustion... Overheating easily (in a 68* house!)... Extreme hunger. 

Today I took a 1.5 hour nap. So nice!

****TMI alert****
Last night I had some watery discharge. That's new...  Mat researched it and he said it's fine and maybe even a good sign.

Are these symptoms of the hormones I'm on?  Possibly. But it's nice to be PUPO and have symptoms :)

Sunday, November 22, 2015


(4 days past 3 day transfer, for those unfamiliar with the lingo)

I'm having nausea and very mild cramping. Very hungry!

The cramping made me nervous because the only transfer that I remember cramping from was the July transfer which was a BFN (big fat negative). 

I did some research and it seems pretty normal. Last night I had some twinges in my lower andomen. Implantation?  Time will tell :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Transfer day!

The transfer went great, but only 2 of the remaining 5 embryos survived :(. Three died. 

That was hard to hear. 

Of the two that survived, one was good and grade 1, and the other was average and grade 3. 

Not very heartening considering the July transfer we transferred 3 excellent embryos. 

But only God knows which of these predacious babies will survive on this earth. 

We're still very hopeful. My lining was 12mm and we did the endo scratch this time. Here are aome pics

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cade's cove

Last night we got to meet with another couple transferring through NEDC. We had a lot in common with them and really hit it off. We met them for breakfast this morning, as well. Their transfer was today, so prayers for them!

We went to Cade's Cove today. Beautiful!

We found a cave!

And we also went to Pappy's quilt shop again. They were having a 25% off sale!  

The transfer is tomorrow!  Eep!  I'm less nervous/anxious than I was before the trip.  Mat is really doing well at helping me stay relaxed. I probably won't sleep very well tonight, but it shouldn't be that bad :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

We're here!

We arrived late this afternoon in Knoxville.   

The drive was nice- Mat drove almost the whole way- and we listened to audio books. 

We stopped at Missouri Star Quilt Company!  It was great!  They're building a new Man Cave in Hamilton for other amazing hubby's who go there with their wives. 

This morning was my first shot of progesterone and I was cut back to two Estrace a day starting today. Tomorrow I start two shots of progesterone (am/pm). 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A week from today...

It's hard to believe that the transfer is only a week away!  Calendar-wise, I'm already pregnant!  (At the transfer I will be 2 weeks 3 days pregnant)


I'm feeling a bit nauseated.  That's on par for me and my nervous tummy. But then in the back of my mind I worry "what if I'm getting sick?"  

Daughter is cute, as ever. Today she was a bit more fussy than normal. 

She loves to play "nigh nigh" in mama and daddy's bed. She pulls the quilt up and says nigh nigh. 

She enjoys when I make different noises depending on where she pokes on my face or her face. 

She LOVES when daddy walks his fingers toward her for a tickle. 

She's curious...

She's ready to have a little brother or sister to play with!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Trip Around Tennessee Quilt

I made this Trip Around The World quilt out of the fabric that I got in TN on the last trip. 

So I'll have a lovely new quilt to snuggle in during my bed rest :)