Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Indy, the chicken killer

Indy killed another chicken. Black Hen. 

And then today when I went out to shut the coop, he had Weasley pinned down with his mouth. Wesley didn’t fight him, which I’m sure is why she’s still alive. But once I got Indy inside I had to physically carry Weasley to the coop. 

He thinks chickens are treats!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Field trip

Today we went to Fort Abercrombie for a field trip with our homeschool group. It was so much fun!  

Son was a real handful, but Daughter did great!

We got a new book from the gift shop. Daughter got a fan and the tour guide showed her how women used to communicate with the fans. It was fun and neat!

The book had directions for making a Tepee (we substituted pipe cleaners for twigs because it was raining) and loads of other neat activities. 

Good but busy day!  I’m so glad our homeschool group doesn’t usually meet on Mondays!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

School days

Notice only one of the homeschool pics is in our own home?  That’s one of the benefits of homeschool-  Field trips!  Learning in different environments and especially outside 😊

Son has been joining us for the table portion of school this year (last year we did it during his nap). He wants to learn, too!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Golden doodles kill chickens (with dead chicken pics)

Indy, our 5 month Goldendoodle who by the way just completed puppy training, killed Corny tonight. 

So that’s great. 

The chicks are getting pretty big so Mama Weasley has been letting them roam on their own more and more. I thought that they had gotten too large for Indy to take out so I let him outside without supervision. 

When I went to close the coop tonight, Corny was missing. A hawk was circling and cawing over head so I thought that got her. Then on my way back to the house I found Corny. Or most of her. She really looked pretty similar to a grocery store bought chicken  pre-oven. plucked clean but missing head and feet. 

Mat and I were trying to look up what could have done that when Indy started the doggy vomit song. I ran to get a bowl (too late) and came back to this

Mat has a theory that the hawk killed Corny and then was interrupted by Indy. Indy saw the dead chicken and just ate the head. 

In other news: Another injured animal today was Wasabi. 

Maybe the hawk had tried to get him?  Not sure. He does play with Indy a lot, but I don’t think Indy would have hurt him.  I know Wasabi could really put Indy in his place quickly with those claws. 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

We lost a Weasley

Non-mama Weasley is officially gone.  Dead to a predator that got her during the day!  

And Hickety lost her tail feathers and got an injured wing!

Mat went hunting for the predator and he saw what may have been a bobcat!  It was dusk and it started hissing at Wasabi (at Mats ankles) from about ten feet up in the woods.  Mat thinks he scared it off, we’ve seen nothing on the game camera, and we haven’t lost a chicken since. 

On the bright side, the youngens are doing well. 

From left to right: Corny, Zuchinni, and uncle Joe. 

Now Mama Weasley is officially the only Weasley. Sad 😢 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Two buff orpingtons and a barnyard mix

Based on the appearance at this point, I’m pretty sure that two are buff orpingtons. The scraggly probably isn’t a buff Orpington and may be a rooster.

Uncle Joe (the white specked one)  is the only one who’s eaten out of my hand and he already has the start of a comb. For those who don’t know, in youth cockerels are much friendlier than pullets (young hens). 

We shall see. 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

The chicken scare

The other day when I went to close up the coop at night, two of the chickens were missing. Mama Weasley and Black Hen. 

I hoped that they had gone into the woods because I was late closing the coop. The following morning, I let them out and the other two were nowhere to be seen. It was kind of sad watching the chicks run around without a mama protecting them!

Later in the morning I opened the garage to go feed the cats. There they were!  Boy, was Mama Weasley happy!  And the chicks!