Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jesus and Me homeschool outing

I only have one pic to share, but Daughter loved it!

Because why not wear a bike helmet on the playground?
We met at a park. The kids played for a while then we did kickball. The preschoolers got to kick first with the big kids playing the field.  Daughter was awesome at kicking!  She kicked it right away and smiled the whole way to first base!  And she took a long route 😉

We have a play date set up with another pre school family. I'm so excited about our homeschool group!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Potty regression with a stubborn girl....

  Daughter was trained. We were done. Only pull-ups at night time/ nap time with 2-3 accidents per week. Then in the last two weeks she started having accidents and then being too stubborn to go when I asked/told her to. 

I Looked online and the suggestion is to not tell her to go to the potty- but have her "clean" every mess she makes. I've been doing that all day and she just doesn't care!  She'll happily play with poopy or wet panties until I notice and make her go to the potty and "clean up". 

This morning we went to town. Fun outing and a walmart run. I told her that if she has an accident, we'll have to go straight home so she had to go to the potty when she has to go. 

Worked until the drive home...

She tells me she has to potty. I pull over at a gas station.  I ask if I can pump gas first and she says no. We go inside. She says "mamas turn". Ok. So she needs me to go first?  Alright then. I go. She won't. I pull down her pants and stick her on the toilet. Nada. 

I get home to a wet daughter, car seat, and seat underneath it. 

No success today. She hasn't mentioned "potty" aside from our trip home this morning. 

3 is worse than 2 by far!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Gopher hunting

We've got a gopher problem. Luckily, we have barn cats...

They also eat the gophers that we trap. They really seem to enjoy them. So now they have a taste for them. 
They're getting so big!  Daughter loves playing with them. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Kittens can get in the way....

Mat was trying to get some lights on the mower this morning and the kittens were very curious....
He said it was more distracting than when Daugter tries to help 😊

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fun day in town

Daughter really wanted to go to the library and zoo today. Why not?

So we went. 

I had a nice chat with the children's librarian while we were there. She said Daughter is looking more and more like me. 😊. I didn't say anything about EA. I generally use every opening to bring attention to it... But Daughter looking like me isn't really an opening- it's just a coincidence. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Our agency called

Not THE call, just to check in. 

She said that birth mothers are interested in our profile and they really like our book. That's great!  

Other info that I got was that the meeting would come about one month before the due date of the future birth mother and it would be at the adoption agency. That's wonderful because when we had our group study back in 2012, they said a lot of adoptive families meet their birth families at restaurants. Daughter does not generally do well a at restaurants. 

So... Maybe there is a birth mother who they're still counseling who will choose us?  We can hope!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Now 1 of 13 waiting families...

It's disheartening.

CFLS waiting families

I knew going into this that it averages about a year through this agency... but I was really convinced that a birth mother was going to see our profile and fall in love with us right away.  I'm still pretty confident that the right birth parents are going to choose us, but there just aren't any coming up through CFLS.  Only one couple has had a placement since we've been on the list.  1 match in 5 months....

I don't like those odds.

Please pray for us.