Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Home Study is done!

Yay!  Our home study is done and being sent in to NEDC!  We actually finished our part for the home study weeks ago, but there were a couple references that were late getting in and the SW had to wright it all up.

So anyway... the next step is NEDC approves it (they said it should take a few days) and then we can start looking at profiles.

For those of you who have never gone through the adoption process, the home study is a very long very detailed process- not just a quick visit to your home.  It starts (for CFLS anyway, our adoption agency) after an all day group study with other prospective adoptive parents.  Then you get to do more paperwork than you think humanly possible- including finger prints, a physical exam, a psychological exam, an extensive and intensely personal autobiography, tax returns, financial statements, two office visits and then a home visit... and a boatload of other things that one wouldn't think of!  Not to mention the cost... I always hear people say children are expensive and I think to myself try infertility treatments and adoption... then have all the normal expenses that come with children on top of those!

But it's worth it!  And Nancy, our CFLS SW, and all the others at CFLS are awesome to work with.

So we've been pinching pennies for a while now.  And we'll continue.

God is awesome :D

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