Monday, July 22, 2013

38 weeks! And Mookie's birthday :)

38 weeks and still pregnant!  :)

It's Mookie's birthday today!  He's 8.  He got some special bones and new toys.  We're planning on taking him to the drive in for a sundae tonight, but that depends how I'm feeling.

38 weeks!

38 weeks!
So I've been having pretty regular contractions since last night at around 9.  Every 10 minutes or so.  I'm also pretty nauseous and not hungry at all.  Yesterday I ate two English muffins at 4 and then wasn't hungry for the rest of the day.  Mat and I decided that I should eat something before bed, so around 10 I had some applesauce.  But that is nowhere near enough to keep pregnant me satiated!

Throughout the night I got maybe 3 or 4 hours of sleep.  I kept waking up from contractions-but they weren't getting stronger or closer together.  This morning I texted my mom to let her know and she came out here to work today.  

Based on my google search, this might be prodromal contractions.

Thoughts and prayers are appreciated!  Not sure whether this is early labor, prodomal contractions, or false labor... but I'm definitely contracting pretty regularly!


  1. So exciting! Can't wait to hear that you're in labor!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mookie! Baby will be here soon!!