Monday, September 1, 2014

13 months!

Daughter is 13 months already!  Crazy!

  • She loves swinging
  • She loves it when I sing (no accounting for taste)
  • She can walk, and does a few steps here and there, but crawling is still her preferred method of movement
  • She babbles a lot
  • She's starting to cuddle with her dollies
  • I'm able to get her up in the top of the play set (picture above) and we can go down the slide together.  
  • She's still not very impressed with slides.
  • She loves playing with grass! 
  • She loves to climb through the dinner table when all the chairs are pushed in.  We call it her obstacle course.
  • She loves climbing!  
  • She loves when a person lays on the floor with her and lets her climb on them.  
  • She enjoys "lint mining" in Daddy's belly button.

On the nursing front, I am completely done. I have been for a couple weeks now. But I've still been pretty sore and  just last night I leaked!  I'm hoping it's all out now.

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