Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas morning with a 17 month old!

Merry Christmas!  

Daughter loves her new pillow book, kitchen, table, and little people Disney princess set. We need to get rid of some of her toys!

She loves pillows!  It's crazy!  So I was very excited when I found the pillow book for her :)

She's starting to fold her hands on her own before we tell her that we're going to pray. 

She loves patty cake. She only claps and waits to be tickled, but she smiles the whole time. 

She enjoys brushing her hair. She usually just knots it up more, but it's cute to see her try. 

She likes to brush her hair with mama's brush. When she can't find that,she grabs Mookie's brush....

She enjoys getting her teeth brushed. 

She has a molar on top and one on bottom on her left side. 

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