Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Darn Insurance!

We were told that we would need prior authorization- OK, we'll go that route. 

It took forever!  Every time I called I was holding for at least 20 minutes, and evenually I found out that the clinic has to call to request the paperwork (they wouldn't just send it), so I had Lynda call and she couldn't get ahold of anybody.  I called them again, told them it wasn't working, and asked if they could just send her the paperwork to fill out.  No... but they did give me a new number for her to try.

So she finally got ahold of someone yesterday and they ended up telling her that I don't need prior authorization.  Grrrrrr!

So she sent my insurance info through to Julianna, and Julianna (who is probably more insurance savvy) figures we probably will need a prior auth.  She spoke with them and she requested it today, but they have up to 15 days to reply.


We've already paid for the transfer out of pocket, but we were expecting some of that money back once insurance pays.  Plus, we're under a major medical with HSA and so the transfer would meet our deductible for the year so if we have babies this year (which we would if this transfer is successful) we wouldn't have to pay much, if anything, out of pocket for the birth.

Grrrr!  Hormonal women should not be forced to deal with insurance companies.

On the bright side, I'm "pregnant" now because at the time of transfer you're considered 2 weeks pregnant :)

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