Thursday, August 11, 2016

When it rains it pours

Mat has strep... and so does Daughter.

Then this morning at three we awoke to a bad storm. The power went out, we got Daughter out of bed and into an interior room, and she and I hunkered down to watch movies on the iPad. So we were all up from 3-5 with the storm. We finally were past the worst of it and decided to try to sleep again.  I always have trouble sleeping in storms and without my fan, it was next to impossible. 

We woke up this morning to a downed play house 

Countless branches/trees

And 1.5 inches of rain

Mat got the play set righted, no pics of it.  It's still off kilter and broken, and the swing bar needs to be replaced. But he got it vertical again 

Thankfully there was no hail damage, broken windows, or roof damage (gotta love metal roofs!)

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