Monday, February 11, 2013

15 weeks and a blizzard!

Church was actually cancelled yesterday!  We weren't going to try to make it, but Mat got an email before it started saying that it was cancelled due to weather.  Big blizzard!  For a while we could hardly make out the row of pines 30 yards from our front door.  We didn't go outside until the white out was dissipating. 

Bindi (we're dogsitting) took some coaxing to go outside, but once she did she was just hopping away in the trail blazed by Mat and Mookie.

 The towel we keep by the door to dry paws was soaked just from wiping snow off their backs.  I tried to get the snow balls out of their leg and tummy fur, but we just settled for having wet carpet most of the day.

 15 weeks!  I really need to clean up my desk area... I work from home.

Bindi is quite shocked.  I can't look at this pic without laughing at her face!

So we're snowed in again.  Mat made me a delicious breakfast of chocolate banana oatmeal.  So good!  I like being snowed in with him :)


  1. So how much did you guys actually get-snow wise?
    we got around 6-8 but were able to make it to work just fine this morning-wishing I was snowed in as well.

  2. Mat says at least 18 inches. It's hard to tell because there are drifts up to 4 feet. Fargo got way less than us, but they still closed down major roads (like 94) and issued a "no travel advisory". Living on a dirt road means we likely won't be plowed out until tomorrow or Wednesday.

    It's still snowing!

  3. Hi Malia, I see that you are in ND. I am in the Twin Cities. IF you ever come out this way and would like to meet, let me know. I know another gal here that went through NEDC and now have a wonderful set of boy/girl twins. Email me if you are interested.

    1. I'm originally from the Twin Cities! We just moved up here in December. We're down there a lot. I'll keep you posted (and send an email) :)