Monday, February 25, 2013

17 week pics!

17 weeks yesterday!

With a vest
Without a vest
With a Mookie

Without a mommy (I'm weird)

Yesterday morning when we woke all the trees looked like this!

Such beauty right out our front door!

We had a pretty laid back weekend after my cramping Thursday-Saturday. It got progressively lighter throughout the resting of Friday and Saturday.  When I woke up Sunday, it was gone!  I think it may have been from cleaning too hard... Mat's folks were supposed to visit this weekend but ended up getting too much snow at their house. 

Last night we celebrated our Goddaughter's third birthday. It was very fun!  She said the funniest thing when Mat was trying to convince her that he had a baby in his tummy, too...

"Girls have babies in their tummies.  But they don't have to eat them!"  Her eyes even got a bit wider with the last sentence.  So cute!

The two adorable little girls had us in stitches all night!  Which caused me to burp and hiccup more than normal (laughing makes me swallow air).  Our Goddaughters 5 year old sister kept kissing and hugging my tummy :)


  1. You look great! "Girls have babies in their tummies. But they don't have to eat them!" HAHA! Too funny :)

  2. You look great! Your bump is so cute. So glad that you are feeling better after the cramping episode. It can definitely be scary.

  3. Looking good!!! I'm glad you're feeling better!