Wednesday, February 4, 2015

18 months!

Crazy!  1.5 years ago, Daughter was born!

  • She now has boots that she will wear.  She grabs them and runs toward the door whenever someone leaves. 
  • She also likes to fill the boots of others
  • She doesn't like to sit in the cart anymore.  She'd much rather run!  Which is less fun for mama...
  • Mat and I have colds and she's taken to imitating our cough.  It's pretty cute but obviously fake.  She does throw a few real coughs in sometimes, so she's probably getting it, too. 
  • She loves to read!  She just sits and looks at her books all the time.  Or brings a book over to me wanting me to read it :)
  • She loves to be outside!
  • She is constantly getting into the trash.  At least now, when we say "no" she looks at us and closes the lid.
  • She's learning to use a spoon.  It's messy, but cute :)
  • We got her a potty chair.  I'm thinking potty training is not coming too soon since all she does is take the potty-catching part out and stand in the whole it leaves....
  • She's very clear now about "yeah" or "no".  It's great except when you ask for cuddles or kisses and she says "no" :(
  • She often comes around a corner, looks at me, smiles, and says "Hi!"  
  • She's finally outgrowing her 12 month clothes.  Her 18 month sleepers seem a bit big, but she's getting there!

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