Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Facebook questions...

I belong to an Embryo Adoption/Donation page on Facebook. 

these questions have been posed often, but recently one woman put them all together.  So here are my answers...

1. How many embryos did you accept/adopt? 15
2. How many years old were your embryos the day of transfer? 14 years old for transfer 1, they'll be 17 for the 2nd transfer next month.
3. What stage/grade were your embryos? Were they PGD tested ? 2PN (frozen on day 1).  And no PGD testing.
4. How many embryos from your set survived the thaw? 2 (of the 3 thawed)
5. How many did you transfer? 2
6. How many resulted in a miscarriage of any kind ( to include chemicals)? none
7. How many embryos resulted in a take-home baby? 1
8. How old was your donor/genetic mother? 30
9. How many do you have left from a set or did you return them? Do you have siblings from the same set? We have 12 remaining.  We're going back next month for a sibling.
10. How did you obtain your embryos ( I.e. Agency, private) NEDC (National Embryo Donation Center)
11. How many attempts have you experienced? 1
12. Any costs you would like to discuss,misc, or anything I am missing?! It's less expensive than traditional adoption or IVF, but definitely more expensive than the traditional way of having kids!

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