Thursday, April 16, 2015

Conference call with Dr Keenan

My call was this morning. Dr K expressed sympathies and asked if I had any questions.

Boy did we!  These are some of the answers...

I shouldn't spend more than an hour in the car after transfer. In 11/2012 we stayed in a hotel right in Farragut, so it was only 10 minutes or so in the car. For the March transfer we stayed about 45 minutes away and I sat in the car while Mat got lunch. Won't be going that again!

Bed rest isn't really required, but his recommendation is a mixture of laying flat, reclining, and sitting. Just taking it easy. In 2012, I did total bed rest both day of and day after transfer. Next time I will do the same. 

The 4 mile uphill hike the day before was ok because I was still plenty hydrated we want to hike the same trail this time (it was awesome) but we'll probably do it two days before the transfer and more low key hiking the day before. 

The US wasn't an issue. If I would like, I could get a print out of the lining US and have dr K look at it. 

I have to speak with the pharm about the progesterone expiration date, but I'm pretty sure it won't be salvageable. 

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