Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our little pumpkin is 3 months!

My mom kept asking if she could carve a pumpkin and put Daughter in it.  I told her OK- as long as she did the pumpkin carving and the clean up.  She was all excited.

Well, now she's staying near my sister who will go into labor any day... so she was going to have my dad do it yesterday.  He carved the pumpkin, but because it was in the back of his truck it was way too cold to put Daughter in.  So Mat and I had to do it last night...

I knew that Daughter would not like it.  But, because we love my mom, we did it.

Eeeek!  What are you doing to me?!?

I don't like this...

Get me out of here!

I'm going to start bawling in 3...2...1

Not in a smiley mood today for a three month photo
I blame today's fussiness on the fact that the pumpkin is still on the table.  We seriously only had her in it for about 30 seconds- but that was 30 seconds too much time in a pumpkin!  Grandma is happy, though.  Daughter will get over it eventually... and we got some hilarious pics :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mr Potato Head

This weekend some friends from the cities came up to meet Daughter.  And shoot... that was fun.  We used some potatoes for some reactive targets and boy did they react!  We also put up a stuffed bear...

Friend meets Daughter

Today my dad came out so I could get some work done and he would watch Daughter.  Guess what he brought?  
 So I took it out for a few rides.  Just a few miles... but it was awesome!
Daughter hung out with Papa while I was having fun riding around.  Mat and I will probably get one of those eventually... but it's a long ways down the road. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I never realized...

that I would often have a lullaby stuck in my head. 

that I would really enjoy grocery shopping by myself.

that sleeping for a 6 hour stretch would seem like a dream come true.

that I would get mad when a fast food restaurant along the freeway didn't have a changing table.

that spending $40 on a new play mat would seem like a bargain when I see the joy daughter gets out of it. 

that I could get so much joy out of being a mother :)

"I can't put my arms down!"
God has blessed us so incredibly with our little Daughter. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

12 lbs 4 oz!

Woah!  Daughter is getting big quick!  I brought her to get weighed today and she's now 12 pounds 4 ounces!  She'll probably double her birth weight by the time she's three months!

waiting to be weighed
So she's been gaining 1.6 ounces a day on average.  Yikes!  She's getting so big!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Busy weekend and a long Monday...

This weekend Daughter and I went down to the Twin Cities for my sister's baby shower.  It worked out that my nephew was getting an award at school, so went a day early so we could go to the ceremony.  We car pooled with my mom, so that we wouldn't have to do the entire car trip (4+ hours) alone.  It was a very busy trip, but fun.

On Friday after my nephew's ceremony, I was able to meet up with some NEDC friends.  Ome of them lives in my sister's neighborhood, so I strapped daughter on and walked over.  One of the friends has twins from NEDC, and one is going for her first transfer in November.  They are wonderful ladies!

Yesterday Mat let me get a good nap (after my mom had taken night shifts with Daughter over the weekend) so I was the most rested I had been since we had Daughter.  I still had to get up to pump, but it was much faster to do that than nurse and get Daughter back to sleep.

Last night she didn't go even a 3 hour stretch.  She cluster fed from 7-10:30, then woke up at 12:30 to feed again.  It proceeded like that all night.  I was not well rested.  This morning she went 3 hours nd napped in her swing.  I took the chance to nap myself.  Good thing, too...

She had a total blow out.  All over her clothes, my clothes, a flannel changing pad, a comforter (the changing pad was on a bed) another changing pad (I switched) and I just had to give her a bath.  This was her first bath with mama solo.  We've always done tag team baths... I did pretty well.  She didn't drown and she got clean.  As I laid her down on a third changing pad (this time using a disposable blue pad thingy) she peed through her towel and on the pad.

And she was pretty fussy all day.  And I had to work... Mat brought home Subway and showered and took over.  Both so I could  get some work done and so I could get some respite.

It's a good thing she's so darn cute!

Honestly though, I waited 5 years to be pooped on.  It was worth the wait :)