Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sand box fun

Daughter is making "ice cream". Son wants some!

No brother!  You don't really eat it!

Mmmm. It's good ice cream, sis 😊

Monday, August 21, 2017

First day of pre-k!

Today was our first day of homeschooling using Fathers World pre-k curriculum. I love it!  Daughter really got into it by the end. Plus she was able to tell daddy what she learned in school today!  

She had to put normal clothes on to go to the library for the eclipse party (they provided free NASA glasses!

Then we met up with cousins to go to DQ for a first day of school treat 😊

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Extended play date!

One of my oldest friends came for a visit fora few days with her kids. It was so much fun! Daughter was so excited for them to get here for their sleep over that she was watching out the window hours before they were due 😊

We all had such a blast! Usually the whole family comes for a weekend in the summer with a couple other family friends, but this summer it just didn't work out. So she just came up with kids during the week (we could hang, just not the hubbys)   

He's standing!

He figured out how to stand on his own yesterday and has been doing it ever since. Pulling up on everything! 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Birthday party!

We had Daughters birthday party at my sisters house. We thought that it would be easier for all family to attend being as it was a midway point, and they have a pool 😉

Daughter had a blast with her cousins!  We kept this party much smaller than parties in the past, but she had a blast. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Library and play date

Yesterday was a double-whammy of physicals. Daughter had her 4 year check and Son had his 6 month check.  Both got shots.  Both did great!  Daughter did amazing!!!!!  She quietly sat and read while son was having his check up and then actually helped to get him to turn his head when Dr checked his ears!  "Hey Son, Hey brother!  Look at me!"

Since she did so amazing and Son wasn't in too bad of shape, I took them to the library. It was a party!  The end of the summer reading program!  Daughter played loads of games but most pics have unknown children in them, so I won't post them.  There's these though..


And today my cousin and her daughters came out.  So much fun! 

Daughter is 4!!!

Daughter is 4!!!!  Where has the time gone?

On her birthday we went to the zoo and she rode the carousel 8 times!

Daddy and Son joined her once. But most of the time it was just Daughter and Pegasus (her carousel horse). 

We got pizza and watched a movie. All things that Daughter loves. 😊

Now that she's 4 she...

  • Knows her capital letters 
  • Knows her numbers 1-10
  • Can write capital letters (her favorite is H)
  • Loves to sing!  Especially VBS songs with motions 
  • Loves blocks
  • Loves horse rides and most animals
  • Favorite movie at the moment is Moana
  • Loves playing outside
  • Loves her little brother!

  • Loves the library
  • Loves being a big sister!