Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Endo scratch and baseline tests done!

I had my endo scratch, ultrasound, and lab test done already. I'm on my way!  

The endo scratch went pretty well. It was a new Dr who I had never seen before, but both she and the nurse were very friendly and nice. 

The woman who did my ultrasound was originally from TN. She didn't know about NEDC, but she had heard of embryo donation (not adoption). 

Daughter and I spent the night in Fargo Monday night for my appointments. We did not sleep well... So now Daughter is fussy. I hope she takes an early nap!

Here are some pics of her :)
Listening to and watching the bell choir at church. 

She wouldn't take a nap twsterday, but then ended up crashing on the floor :)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Potty training boot camp drop out :(

We tried... Oh how we tried!

In hind sight, she was not ready. I wanted her to be. I wanted to have her potty trained before the transfer so that we wouldn't have to deal with potty training while I am (hopefully) pregnant. 

Did not work. 

Oh goodness... It did not work. 

This was actually my second attempt. I gave it three days because that's the "boot camp" I've heard of. Day one- hard with lots of laundry. Day two- somewhat easier, just as much laundry. Day three- they start to get it!

Not my experience at all. 

Day one was on course... Day two was actually harder. Twice within one hour she actually climbed off the potty to pee. What?!?  Didn't see that one coming. Day three there were no successes. None. She woke up wet, went to the potty, nothing, ate breakfast, wet herself... It went downhill from there. 

She doesn't get it. From what I've read since starting the boot camp, the child has to ask to be changed after a poop or needs to hide during one in irder to be ready. Daughter does neither. She still poops at the dinner table sometimes. 

I'm sad. But also happy to be doing less laundry now...

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Update on Daughter

First of all, she's as cute as ever. 

And she's talking more and more in the midst of her babbling. Her favorite word is "outside".  

She's counting!  Not great, but when she hears a number she'll say the next few. It's very cute. 

I've had two unsuccessful attempts at potty training. Next week we're going to try the potty training boot camp. I really hope to have her potty trained before the transfer. 

She's doing better grocery shopping. She pushes the cart most of the way and when she gets the walk-about bug I put her in the cart. I only do short shopping trips with her, but she's been doing well :)

She's still not great at story time. But she had to start getting better one of these days. 

She's getting so fast!  I can't keep up with her. 

She enjoys coloring. Often times it's on her body... But it's all washable. :)

She's getting better about listening and obeying, but still not great. 

We love her so much!  We're so blessed to have her :)

Friday, October 9, 2015

The wrong Estrace!

The mail order pharmacy has sent me the wrong generic Estrace. 

I noticed that the pills were shaped differently than in the past, so I called the pharm. yep!  They sent generic Estrace from another manufacturer. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but dr K only wants TEVA Estrace. They knew this and sent the wrong one. 

The pharmacist I spoke with said that they'll probably send out the correct rx free of charge, which make sense because it was their error. I'll know next week. 

I also got my med protocol today. Another slight heart attack... I couldn't log in to the new site for the info so I emailed Lynda, waited about 45 minutes (it was after 3 here which meant after 4 there) and then I called. 

Turns out, after some figuring, I was one of the few in the July cycle who was tried out with this new protocol relaying site, so I had changed the automatic password. 

I got my lab, US, and endo scratch orders. I called my local clinic to get them scheduled and the infertility nurse was out but the nurse who returned my call didn't know what an endo scratch was... Yikes!  I hope he infertility nurse does!  Otherwise I need to find another clinic :(

So a lot happened today on the EA front. Happenings mean it's getting closer!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Getting closer!

I just got an email from Lynda (NEDC nurse) and we need to update our lab tests. 

Luckily, Mat already has an appointment next week so he can just bring the order. I'll just stop by the clinic for the draw when I'm in town. 

We're very fortunate that we love in ND where they have a 2 year home study, rather than just 1-year. So we don't have to renew the home study, just the lab tests. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

It begins...

I've started my OC. I'm moodier, hungrier, and I have acne. 

The things we do for kids :)