Monday, October 7, 2013

Busy weekend and a long Monday...

This weekend Daughter and I went down to the Twin Cities for my sister's baby shower.  It worked out that my nephew was getting an award at school, so went a day early so we could go to the ceremony.  We car pooled with my mom, so that we wouldn't have to do the entire car trip (4+ hours) alone.  It was a very busy trip, but fun.

On Friday after my nephew's ceremony, I was able to meet up with some NEDC friends.  Ome of them lives in my sister's neighborhood, so I strapped daughter on and walked over.  One of the friends has twins from NEDC, and one is going for her first transfer in November.  They are wonderful ladies!

Yesterday Mat let me get a good nap (after my mom had taken night shifts with Daughter over the weekend) so I was the most rested I had been since we had Daughter.  I still had to get up to pump, but it was much faster to do that than nurse and get Daughter back to sleep.

Last night she didn't go even a 3 hour stretch.  She cluster fed from 7-10:30, then woke up at 12:30 to feed again.  It proceeded like that all night.  I was not well rested.  This morning she went 3 hours nd napped in her swing.  I took the chance to nap myself.  Good thing, too...

She had a total blow out.  All over her clothes, my clothes, a flannel changing pad, a comforter (the changing pad was on a bed) another changing pad (I switched) and I just had to give her a bath.  This was her first bath with mama solo.  We've always done tag team baths... I did pretty well.  She didn't drown and she got clean.  As I laid her down on a third changing pad (this time using a disposable blue pad thingy) she peed through her towel and on the pad.

And she was pretty fussy all day.  And I had to work... Mat brought home Subway and showered and took over.  Both so I could  get some work done and so I could get some respite.

It's a good thing she's so darn cute!

Honestly though, I waited 5 years to be pooped on.  It was worth the wait :)


  1. I think I know the ther nedc ladies you visited - how fun! :)

    And worth the wait for sure (poop and all!)!

  2. Wow- the NEDC world is so small..... You all seem to know each other!

    Congrats on getting pooped on! I know that feeling- it's crazy in the moment but you can't help but laugh b/c you've waited so long for that moment... Lol! God was so wise to make them cute!!!! Enjoy it all!

  3. Oh that made me laugh! Who knew that being pooped on could be so wonderful?! So glad you are enjoying her! Praying that you get a little more sleep soon. :)