Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Introducing Son!!!!

He's been with us since birth 6 weeks ago, but the TPR didn't go through as originally planned   The BM never wavered in her decision, but there were paperwork issues that just dragged it out. But now the TPR is done!!!!

It's been tough not being able to share anything, having to keep him more or less secret, and not being able to cross state lines- but he is such a blessing it's all worth it!  It definitely isn't the smoothest adoption, but also far from the hardest.

Daughter loves Son!  She doesn't love not being the center of attention. 



She often asks "put baby in swing?" When I'm feeding him. She's certainly getting better.

 Yesterday was the first time (aside from speech class) that I've attempted an outing with both kids solo- To a zoo class with our home school group.  That did not go well. Oh my. That did not go well. We ended up leaving early and one of my friends had to help get a screaming Daughter out.  It was tough. 


  1. He's so beautiful! I've been praying and praying in Georgia for y'all! So happy for your family!--Sonya

  2. I've been wondering how it was going! He is adorable and looks like Daughter will be a goo little mother :) Congratulations!!

  3. Oh my look at those arms!!! He is a cutie! So thankful all is well and you are bonding as a new family. Thank you Lord for your hands on this.

    I'm sorry but I laughed at a mental picture of a screaming toddler being "helped" out of a public place. I have sure been there! It will get easier. Enjoy the new family of 4 dynamic! You are a blessed family!!