Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Someone's ready for summer!

We picked up Daughter's first swim suit!

I know, she's adorable!

This winter has been colder than normal.  Plus, our furnace seems to have gone out.  We're able to keep it bearable with space heaters, but we're going to be replacing the furnace soon.  Generally when we get up in the morning it's about 62.  Daughters room has the best and newest space heater that keeps it at 68.

I like winter.  I like snow.  I like bundling up to go outside rather than over heating in a few minutes.  But I'm about ready for spring.  Now that I'm not pregnant, I'm not as hot all the time.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cutie pie

A couple recent pics... This first one is my handsome hubby and Daughter at church.  She's wearing an 18 month dress!  I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to be one of those really short dresses that little girls wear, but it fits her like a normal dress now :)
Daddy and daughter at church

I gave her pureed brocoli last night.  She's gummed at brocolli pieces before, but never eaten them.  She seemed to like it!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

6 month check

We've got a shortie on our hands.  She measured at 24", which put her in the 0%.  Dr Lucy said that it was probably just her scrunching up because if she really were that short she'd look like a balloon because she's 54% for weight (16lb 12oz).  They measured again and got 24 1/2 inches, bumping her up to a whopping 3%!

She got some shots and was a bit sore.
before the shots
 As I suspected, last night was not a good night... She was up a few times.  But when she woke up for the day she got to try a bit of strawberry pie that I had made for Valentine's day (good day after breakfast, too!).  Dr Lucy said that she can eat berries and dairy now.  So we gave her a finger full of the pie!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Our giggly happy baby :)

Last Thursday night Daughter did not sleep well at all.  So mama didn't sleep well.  She was up at least every two hours.  Yikes!

So, thanks to Mat, I learned that sometimes Daughter just needs to babble to herself for 20-25 minutes before falling back asleep.  He let her do that when I was napping on Friday and she seemed great!  She napped for 3 hours!

So I've started turning off our bedroom monitor and turning the living room one to volume 3.  If she starts fussing, I hear it, but this way I don't wake up when she babbles contentedly.

Last night and the night before were the third and fourth times ever she has slept through the night.  Woot!  Happy baby and happy mama!  I know it's not going to happen every night... but it's been awesome!

trying out mama's hair and cup

Sleeping at Bible study. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sunrise ARC giveaway!

I'm straying from the general posts... but for a good cause! 

I get two extra entries into the giveaway for the ARC (advanced reading copy) of Sunrise by Mike Mullin if I have this link to the giveaway in my blog.

So there it is.  Hope I win! :)

Quilting with my peeps!

Last weekend I went on a crafting retreat with my moms church.  It was the church that I grew up at and I go every year (and also to the quilting retreat), so I know most of the ladies.  It was a blast!
My mom and me in our Christmas T's

Good life-long friends crafting together :)

Wall of projects
 The quilt on the left and the table centerpiece that I'm holding where made from scraps.  I'm finally using up my scraps!  And my charm packs... the quilt in the center was a Twirl by Moda charm pack (made one just like it with Bungle Jungle by Moda).  The two mini aprons are birthday gifts for our Goddaughter and her sister.

The table piece was the scraps left over from the quilts I made my Goddaughter and her sister a couple years ago.  I had small 1" strips left so I just made some Courthouse Steps blocks and sewed them together.  It's really cute and just in time for Valentines day!

A couple of my friends are having babies.  They are not finding out the gender, which I respect, but it makes it harder to make baby quilts! I have 3 now- well, they still need to be basted, quilted, and bound... so I'll be one ahead once they're done!
Excited mama's home!
It was so much fun.  I can't wait until the quilting retreat next fall!