Monday, April 20, 2015

We're ready for a baby!

Daughters latest word is...

Yep, we're ready!

We're saving up to go back in July.  My cousin works for a hotel chain and he's looking into whether or not he can get us a discount.  So that might save us some cash!

Plus, my parents have a bunch of stuff in their garage that they're going to let us sell on Craigslist.  Should get us about $1000!  Thanks mom and dad!

We're on course to have plenty saved by then.  I'm still working and that really helps.  We're planning on me not working anymore once the new baby is here.

Mat and I have decided to transfer 3.  However God chooses to bless us, we'll be thrilled!

But the second transfer is a bit scary to think about.  If this doesn't work, we have one more shot- that's it.  I completely understand.  NEDC is most concerned about giving these frozen humans a chance at life thawed out- if someone with a bad womb wanted to keep trying and trying, it wouldn't be giving them a fair chance.

But my womb is good, right?  Yes... from all three of my transfers (one IVF and two FET through NEDC) each has resulted in pregnancy.  The ones that didn't last were most likely due to embryo quality.  Even though the embryos looked great this time, most chemical pregnancies are caused by abnormal chromosomes in the embryo.

So, yes Daughter, Baby baby baby! :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Conference call with Dr Keenan

My call was this morning. Dr K expressed sympathies and asked if I had any questions.

Boy did we!  These are some of the answers...

I shouldn't spend more than an hour in the car after transfer. In 11/2012 we stayed in a hotel right in Farragut, so it was only 10 minutes or so in the car. For the March transfer we stayed about 45 minutes away and I sat in the car while Mat got lunch. Won't be going that again!

Bed rest isn't really required, but his recommendation is a mixture of laying flat, reclining, and sitting. Just taking it easy. In 2012, I did total bed rest both day of and day after transfer. Next time I will do the same. 

The 4 mile uphill hike the day before was ok because I was still plenty hydrated we want to hike the same trail this time (it was awesome) but we'll probably do it two days before the transfer and more low key hiking the day before. 

The US wasn't an issue. If I would like, I could get a print out of the lining US and have dr K look at it. 

I have to speak with the pharm about the progesterone expiration date, but I'm pretty sure it won't be salvageable. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring has sprung :)

Daughter loves to "help" with yard work

Last night she "helped" transplant a tree. It took 5 times longer having her help, but she's so stinking cute!

Monday, April 6, 2015

This loss is a bit easier...

Losing a child (or two) is never easy. But this miscarriage (chemical pregnancy) is somewhat easier to deal with than my past miscarriage.

Daughter makes it easier. 

Last time, in 2011, we lost twins conceived through IVF.  We lost them at 8 and 10 weeks. 

My mom and my sister really wanted me to watch my nephew, which I normally did weekly, but I couldn't. They didn't get it. Wouldn't he make me happier?  No. At that point, we had no children of our own and not much hope. Seeing other peoples children would not help.  Seeing other peoples children made it worse. 

I'm not saying it was right. But it was how I felt. 

Now that we have a beautiful and amazing daughter, it is easier. We still weep and pray for strength, but sadness doesn't overtake us. 

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with family. Christ is risen!  Because He died for all our sins to be forgiven, we believe that we will see our two little babies (and others) in Heaven. 

We are very blessed with wonderful families. My mom and my sister (and dad) are always there for me.  When they don't know how to be there for me (like wanting me to watch my nephew) they're still trying.  They really helped us through that loss and the recent loss.  We are so blessed to have them.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Daughter is 20 months!

Even when times are tough, there is still so much to be thankful for. 

She still freaks out from the peek a boo barn cow. We've stopped trying. 

She can climb the ladder up the playset!

She loves Daniel Tiger

She can say "please" now. We'll, she did once yesterday anyway

She still loves to read!

Loves being outside!  Generally throws a fit when we have to go back in. 

She's shy with her smiles, but when she gives you one, it's amazing :)

Enjoys sitting in hampers

She's getting a couple of molars in. Now she has 6 molars!  Almost a full set of teeth on that little girl :)

Potty training is going great... Errr....

And she got her first fat lip this month from a fall

She's adorable and we're so blessed to have her :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I'm not pregnant anymore

My 2nd HCG was this morning. 3. 

Today is 14dp3dt. (14 days past 3 day transfer)

It was a chemical pregnancy. 

We're sad. But it's a lot easier with Daughter.  And we're praying a ton. 

The song Overcomer by Mandeesa came on the radio today. Through God, we will overcome it. We might be down for a moment, feeling like its hopeless, that's when he reminds us... We're overcomers!  We will stay in the fight till the final round!