Friday, February 27, 2015

It's getting real

All the travel arrangements are made and I've started my meds. I had my first US and lab work on Tuesday and nearly had a melt down when Lynda called and left a message saying that my US needed to be done at a fertility clinic. 

What?!?  I set it up with a fertility nurse- made sure that they do IVF there... Now NEDC is telling me that it doesn't work?  I didn't even know where I would go if I needed to find a more detailed clinic. The place I went last time is 4 hours away in another state.   So dr Keenan decided that since another Dr uses those ultrasounds for IVF, he was ok with them. 


Then Iooked at the rental car agreement (we're driving to Knoxville) and there was a 1650 mileage limit. Yikes!  Aparantly if you book through AAA, they automatically give you the mileage limit. Good thing we caught it!  That could have been expensive...

And I've started the meds. They're taking a toll. I've had a headache since Sunday and I'm nauseated about half the time. 

But it'll all be worth it!  
Just look at this cuteness!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

18 month appointment

We've got a Shorty McShort on our hands.

She's still only 10% for height (30.25") and 75% for weight (22lb 6oz)

I held a friends 10 month old son the other day and he weighed more than Daughter... so I'm really not sure how different the boys and girls charts are.

She's healthy, adorable, and inquisitive. 

And she enjoys pushing the cart through SR Harris ;)

Monday, February 16, 2015

New niece!

Shes such a cutie!

We went to the cities this weekend to see her. She's precious!  

Congrats to my sister and her family :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Facebook questions...

I belong to an Embryo Adoption/Donation page on Facebook. 

these questions have been posed often, but recently one woman put them all together.  So here are my answers...

1. How many embryos did you accept/adopt? 15
2. How many years old were your embryos the day of transfer? 14 years old for transfer 1, they'll be 17 for the 2nd transfer next month.
3. What stage/grade were your embryos? Were they PGD tested ? 2PN (frozen on day 1).  And no PGD testing.
4. How many embryos from your set survived the thaw? 2 (of the 3 thawed)
5. How many did you transfer? 2
6. How many resulted in a miscarriage of any kind ( to include chemicals)? none
7. How many embryos resulted in a take-home baby? 1
8. How old was your donor/genetic mother? 30
9. How many do you have left from a set or did you return them? Do you have siblings from the same set? We have 12 remaining.  We're going back next month for a sibling.
10. How did you obtain your embryos ( I.e. Agency, private) NEDC (National Embryo Donation Center)
11. How many attempts have you experienced? 1
12. Any costs you would like to discuss,misc, or anything I am missing?! It's less expensive than traditional adoption or IVF, but definitely more expensive than the traditional way of having kids!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Crafting retreat 2015

My mom and I drove all the way out to WI to go to a crafting retreat with our old church. It was so much fun!  I saw a lot of friends (2 really great friends) and got a lot done.

2 Stars and Strips (Atkinson Designs)  baby quilt tops I made
(I need one more JR strip to finish the border on the left)
Interwoven pattern from Moda bake shop
Three friends in front of three of our projects
True Blue friends holding our True Blue quilts!
Gotta tube when we can :)

Looking forward to the quilting retreat in the fall!  My mom and I have talked about possibly having a quilting weekend of our own. Get some projects done and hang out together.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

18 months!

Crazy!  1.5 years ago, Daughter was born!

  • She now has boots that she will wear.  She grabs them and runs toward the door whenever someone leaves. 
  • She also likes to fill the boots of others
  • She doesn't like to sit in the cart anymore.  She'd much rather run!  Which is less fun for mama...
  • Mat and I have colds and she's taken to imitating our cough.  It's pretty cute but obviously fake.  She does throw a few real coughs in sometimes, so she's probably getting it, too. 
  • She loves to read!  She just sits and looks at her books all the time.  Or brings a book over to me wanting me to read it :)
  • She loves to be outside!
  • She is constantly getting into the trash.  At least now, when we say "no" she looks at us and closes the lid.
  • She's learning to use a spoon.  It's messy, but cute :)
  • We got her a potty chair.  I'm thinking potty training is not coming too soon since all she does is take the potty-catching part out and stand in the whole it leaves....
  • She's very clear now about "yeah" or "no".  It's great except when you ask for cuddles or kisses and she says "no" :(
  • She often comes around a corner, looks at me, smiles, and says "Hi!"  
  • She's finally outgrowing her 12 month clothes.  Her 18 month sleepers seem a bit big, but she's getting there!