Monday, February 25, 2013

17 week pics!

17 weeks yesterday!

With a vest
Without a vest
With a Mookie

Without a mommy (I'm weird)

Yesterday morning when we woke all the trees looked like this!

Such beauty right out our front door!

We had a pretty laid back weekend after my cramping Thursday-Saturday. It got progressively lighter throughout the resting of Friday and Saturday.  When I woke up Sunday, it was gone!  I think it may have been from cleaning too hard... Mat's folks were supposed to visit this weekend but ended up getting too much snow at their house. 

Last night we celebrated our Goddaughter's third birthday. It was very fun!  She said the funniest thing when Mat was trying to convince her that he had a baby in his tummy, too...

"Girls have babies in their tummies.  But they don't have to eat them!"  Her eyes even got a bit wider with the last sentence.  So cute!

The two adorable little girls had us in stitches all night!  Which caused me to burp and hiccup more than normal (laughing makes me swallow air).  Our Goddaughters 5 year old sister kept kissing and hugging my tummy :)

Friday, February 22, 2013


I cramped like normal PMS cramps last night.  I was kind of worried, but we checked with the doppler and Wiggler's heart was still beating away.  And the cramping was on my left side, where the heart beat was.  But I called the clinic this morning just to make sure.  The nurse called me back just before 12 and said that it was normal for women to experience cramps as the uterus grows, but that I should rest for the rest of today and drink 64 oz water (not a problem, I've been drinking lots anyway). 

Then I asked her a few more ?'s.  Like was it safe to be drinking our well water through a Brita filter, was it safe to use the doppler a few times a week, as we've been doing... she said well water should be fine, as long as it's filtered (I switched to bottled at Mat's insistence) she thought the doppler was ok, but she would check with the Dr and call me back today if it wasn't.

So I've been relaxing and watching Netflix most of the day.

I just got a call from the nurse and the Dr wants me to stop using the doppler altogether.  I asked if it was ok on an emergency basis, and she said yes, but very sparingly.  The funny thing is I told the doctor about our doppler at the last visit, she seemed fine with it and even asked what kind of reading we got.  I guess a couple-few times a week is just too much....

The nurse also advised me that if I still feel crampy, rest again tomorrow.  And if cramps resurface, rest but to call the clinic.  She said if it gets worse over the weekend, go ahead and go to the hospital.  I'm pretty far from that point... and not bleeding at all... I haven't even taken any tylenol yet today.  But it's nice to have a back up plan for over the weekend.

So, prayers are appreciated!  I'm sure that most women wouldn't even think twice if they had these cramps in their pregnancy... but, we've lost babies before so I worry a bit more.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

2nd OB appointment :)

Went great!  So excited... got loads of questions answered.

First of all, my dad came by this morning to pick up Bindi.  He offered to drive me in his truck because the roads were pretty icy.  So that was awesome; thanks, dad!

I got to hear wigglers HB (which isn't really rare anymore, since we got the doppler) but she checked the BPM and it was 153 :)  The Dr said that was "perfect"!  I love when they use that word!  After such a bad pregnancy in the past, hearing "perfect" from professionals is just awesome!

My Dr told me that I could take Claritin D and that it would not only help with my sinus problems, but also with my ear aches.  So that's good news!

I can, and probably should, continue taking generic Prevacid daily.

I will get a Tetanus shot in the third trimester.  As will Mat...

She also ran some testing called "quad screen" by me, which I declined.  We love our baby!  Our love wouldn't change if he had downs or spina bifida!

I've always heard that hair stops falling out in pregnancy.  Mine has not... I was slightly concerned and ran it by the Dr.  She said that's completely normal and happens to some women.

We set up my ultrasound for determining Wiggler's gender for 3/7/13!  Woot woot!  3 weeks!  We will be excited either way, but it'll be nice to be able to plan the nursery more :) 

Monday, February 11, 2013

15 weeks and a blizzard!

Church was actually cancelled yesterday!  We weren't going to try to make it, but Mat got an email before it started saying that it was cancelled due to weather.  Big blizzard!  For a while we could hardly make out the row of pines 30 yards from our front door.  We didn't go outside until the white out was dissipating. 

Bindi (we're dogsitting) took some coaxing to go outside, but once she did she was just hopping away in the trail blazed by Mat and Mookie.

 The towel we keep by the door to dry paws was soaked just from wiping snow off their backs.  I tried to get the snow balls out of their leg and tummy fur, but we just settled for having wet carpet most of the day.

 15 weeks!  I really need to clean up my desk area... I work from home.

Bindi is quite shocked.  I can't look at this pic without laughing at her face!

So we're snowed in again.  Mat made me a delicious breakfast of chocolate banana oatmeal.  So good!  I like being snowed in with him :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

And the doppler arrived yesterday...

Only 6 days after it said it was "delivered"

Amazon was really on top of things.  They were already going to issue a refund!  I changed the status of my inquiry today, though, so they won't issue the refund.  Amazon is the best.  Hands down.

Anyway, the doppler worked ok.  We heard the HB after quite some time of moving it around.  It has two plugs for head phones, which is nice- also a cord to be plugged into speakers.  We tried it at first without water, which wasn't a smart move.  Once we tried with water we heard a lot more.

Pretty sure we heard Wiggler wiggling around.  We heard the heart beat for a couple seconds at a time and then he would wiggle and we'd lose it.  After we used a spray bottle on my tummy we finally we able to hear the "woo woo woo woo" steadily.  It's such an awesome sound!  I started laughing so it was harder to hear... but we found it again :)

Praise God!  We have a healthy baby in my womb after all this time!  God is truly awesome!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We ordered a doppler...

We ordered it... last week through Amazon.  It was not available for prime because it was through a third party shipper.

apparently great doppler with crappy shipping and customer service

Since last Thursday it has said "shipped" on the Amazon order tracking page.  When I click tracking info, it says

Tracking Information:
Status: Delivered
Ship Carrier: USPS

So on Monday I was at the USPS in town (where it said it was delivered)... they didn't have it. It hasn't been delivered here... so where's the doppler?

Their response?  "As a seller , we have finished our obligation . The tracking # shows delivered . We suggest you to check with your neighbor too."  Our "neighbors" are all over a mile away, and I trust that had one of them received our package they would have either given it to us, or returned it to the USPS.

I'm irate.  I'm bawling.  EastShore (the company) is horrible.

Atlas is shrugging "you didn't get our product which you paid for?  Oh well, that's not our fault."

I just want to hear Wiggler's HB!

****afternoon update***
Amazon is going to refund.   I've calmed down.  Pregnancy hormones and disappointment (I had my heart set of hearing wigglers HB!) are a bad combination. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Heart burn!

I don't ordinarily get heart burn... at all, really.  I've had it a few times so far in the pregnancy, but today is by far the worst.  I've already taken Tums, the only approved medication that we have here, and it didn't help much.

But, any symptom of pregnancy is good!  I've been waiting years to have heart burn :)