Monday, April 25, 2016

Silly the calico barn cat

Silly has been so named because every time she rubs against Daughters legs, Daughter says "silly kitty!"

Silly doesn't yet get along with Mookie....
But she loves the humans in the family

Daughter set up a rock picnic this morning (the rocks are cookies, and they were hot and needed to be blown on 😊)

Silly also enjoys rock picnics 😉

The past couple of days gave been stormy so we hadn't seen much of Silly. I was getting a bit worried about her because Mat said that the big orange cat had claimed the garage and wouldn't let her in. But she's ok and still just as friendly 😊

Friday, April 22, 2016

New barn cat

There had been three. Two orange ones and this one. Big this is by far the friendliest!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Potty training attempt #4

I should probably say "failure #4"...

I got so many tips that sounded like they'd really work. I tried them all... Nothing. 

She seemed to be happy about it at first... A bit excited. 

Then she started saying "no" every time I asked if she had to go to the potty. 

Then she brought Violet and Tigey with...
Then again it lost it's appeal. 

I should say that over two days with no diapers, she only had two successes. Went through many a pair of princess panties. 

She got really excited when I started incentivizing it with new toy cars. I had been using stickers and then candy. 

That died down after she got one. Then she kept wanting to go into the bathroom, not sit on the potty, and point at and ask for a car. She even said "pleeeaasse". 

So she's back in diapers. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bad morning...

Story time, play date, walmart. 8 melt downs. Three of them on the ground outside.

At story time, she wouldn't even go in to listen to the stories. That's not so abnormal... she likes to do what she wants to do and often it is playing with the train or puzzles during story time.  But she usually does the craft... she picked up one marker and wandered into the kids computer lab. 

There were several melt downs before we left. It got to the point where I had to say to her " if you don't start listening, then we can't go to the play date.  Will you listen to mama?". 

Then we have to skip the play date.  That will make Cousins Daughter sad. Will you start listening?

So we went... Few more melt downs.  But play dates are fun for mama, too!  I didn't want to punish myself, my cousin's wife, and their daughter all because Daughter was being a fuss machine. 

Ordinarily I wouldn't have attempted Walmart. But we really needed milk and veggies. We got out of the car (in the rain!) and she had an immediate fit and dropped to the wet ground. 

Grrrrr. Then she fell asleep in the car
But luckily she went right to sleep for her nap when we got inside. 

Long morning!