Saturday, February 15, 2014

6 month check

We've got a shortie on our hands.  She measured at 24", which put her in the 0%.  Dr Lucy said that it was probably just her scrunching up because if she really were that short she'd look like a balloon because she's 54% for weight (16lb 12oz).  They measured again and got 24 1/2 inches, bumping her up to a whopping 3%!

She got some shots and was a bit sore.
before the shots
 As I suspected, last night was not a good night... She was up a few times.  But when she woke up for the day she got to try a bit of strawberry pie that I had made for Valentine's day (good day after breakfast, too!).  Dr Lucy said that she can eat berries and dairy now.  So we gave her a finger full of the pie!

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