Thursday, February 14, 2013

2nd OB appointment :)

Went great!  So excited... got loads of questions answered.

First of all, my dad came by this morning to pick up Bindi.  He offered to drive me in his truck because the roads were pretty icy.  So that was awesome; thanks, dad!

I got to hear wigglers HB (which isn't really rare anymore, since we got the doppler) but she checked the BPM and it was 153 :)  The Dr said that was "perfect"!  I love when they use that word!  After such a bad pregnancy in the past, hearing "perfect" from professionals is just awesome!

My Dr told me that I could take Claritin D and that it would not only help with my sinus problems, but also with my ear aches.  So that's good news!

I can, and probably should, continue taking generic Prevacid daily.

I will get a Tetanus shot in the third trimester.  As will Mat...

She also ran some testing called "quad screen" by me, which I declined.  We love our baby!  Our love wouldn't change if he had downs or spina bifida!

I've always heard that hair stops falling out in pregnancy.  Mine has not... I was slightly concerned and ran it by the Dr.  She said that's completely normal and happens to some women.

We set up my ultrasound for determining Wiggler's gender for 3/7/13!  Woot woot!  3 weeks!  We will be excited either way, but it'll be nice to be able to plan the nursery more :) 


  1. Very exciting! Can't wait to hear if you have a boy or girl!

  2. :-) We also declined the quad screen too when we had Aiden. Nothing was going to change our love for our child or whether he was going to be born or not, so no screening (other than the normal ultrasound) was needed for us. :-)