Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We ordered a doppler...

We ordered it... last week through Amazon.  It was not available for prime because it was through a third party shipper.

apparently great doppler with crappy shipping and customer service

Since last Thursday it has said "shipped" on the Amazon order tracking page.  When I click tracking info, it says

Tracking Information:
Status: Delivered
Ship Carrier: USPS

So on Monday I was at the USPS in town (where it said it was delivered)... they didn't have it. It hasn't been delivered here... so where's the doppler?

Their response?  "As a seller , we have finished our obligation . The tracking # shows delivered . We suggest you to check with your neighbor too."  Our "neighbors" are all over a mile away, and I trust that had one of them received our package they would have either given it to us, or returned it to the USPS.

I'm irate.  I'm bawling.  EastShore (the company) is horrible.

Atlas is shrugging "you didn't get our product which you paid for?  Oh well, that's not our fault."

I just want to hear Wiggler's HB!

****afternoon update***
Amazon is going to refund.   I've calmed down.  Pregnancy hormones and disappointment (I had my heart set of hearing wigglers HB!) are a bad combination. 

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