Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Niece was born!

This weekend Daughter and I went down to visit my sister and new niece.  She's so darling! 
one day old Niece and 3 month old Daughter

Daughter gets hot easily

Smiling in her bouncy chair :)

Sleeping on the walk yesterday
I just love the first pic.  It's at the hospital and Niece looks like a little doll compared to Daughter!  God has blessed our family immensely :)

Daughter gets hot so easily.  We keep the house 68 during the day and she can only be wearing a thin cotton layer, no fleece for this girl!  Sometimes she can sleep in a fleece sleeper, but we do lower the temp at night.  Otherwise it's just a cotton sleeper and a sleep sack.  The pic was at my sister's house.  With a newborn, they had the house at 70 or 72.  Either way, way too hot for Daughter to wear clothes!

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