Thursday, June 26, 2014

11 months!

Daughter is 11 months old!  Oh my gosh... I have to get going on her birthday party!

  • Anyway, she cut her first tooth today.  Finally!  So she's very fussy.
  • She's crawling like there's no tomorrow.
  • babbling and squeeling more.
  • she has a cackle.  Kind of like coughing, kind of not.  
  • she'll pull herself up on anything!
  • She walks under tables while reaching her hands along the bottom.
  • at least once a day she tries to stand up under a chair and ends up crying.  Darn her and her cute inability to stand through a chair seat!
  • she crawls over to me, stands up against my chair, and wants to be picked up so she can do some "work" several times a day.  Quite the distraction!
  • She tries to repeat "I love you" after we say it.  
  • She does "E-i-e-i-oh" sometimes when we read the book or sing the song.
  • She's obsessed with the "Daughter drawer" that she's allowed to open.  It has some minky bits, some cotton, and some flannel (all fabric)
  • still nursing 4 times a day
  • eats solids for three meals- usually just cut up versions of what we're eating.
She is such a blessing!   We're so blessed to have her :)