Thursday, August 21, 2014

No longer nursing

I weaned very gradually.  I had been nursing about 4 times a day, and I would cut out one of those for about 5 days before I cut out the next.  It worked well for us!  But I ad crazy pain.  I can't imagine what mother's who wean all at once go through!  Yowch!

She's still sleeping through the night *knock on wood*.  She had been pretty fussy at the beginning of the week (when I was still nursing at bed time) but that was because of teething.

The reactions I got were so varied.  Some people would have supported me nursing longer (including the amazing Mat), and some people were weirded out that I hadn't stopped yet.

I remember when I first started nursing I had a lot of people ask me how long I was going to nurse for.  The goal was always a year.  We made it!  But when I told some people that, they said "Good, just as long as you're not nursing a toddler, that's weird."

Um... not that weird. 

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