Thursday, December 11, 2014

What a day!

I woke up at 3 am and couldn't sleep.  Nerves about the weekend and Monday, I guess.  I often have trouble sleeping when there's something to be nervous about...

Anyway, got back to sleep around 6:30 and figured I'd get an hour in before Daughter wakes. 

My alarm for Estrace woke me at 9!  I checked the monitor- Daughter was still sleeping!  Wow.

9:00- let Mookie out
9:20- Daughter wakes, I smell pee.
9:21- notice her diaper is around her ankle in her sleeper
9:25-changed and in new jammies (she'll get a bath shortly, so why dress her?)
9:30-breakfast and laundry (the bedding isn't going to clean itself!)
10:00-supposed to do conference call.  Postponed to next week!  Go to run bath...
10:01- step in dog poo outside the bathroom.  Apparently Mookie couldn't wait until I woke at 9...
10:05- clean dog poo.  Run bath.
10:15- get Daughter in bath.
10:30- get Daughter dressed, let Mookie outside.
10:45- hear the UPS truck... rush out to get Mookie back inside.
10:48- Our UPS guy tells me how lucky our dog is because he actually got run over!  Avoided the tires, but ran right under the truck!
10:50- come back inside with packages, smell something...
10:51- notice poo on Mookie
10:55-run another bath
10:56- say "no!" when Daughter opens the toilet to swish her hand around...
10:57- wash Daughter's hands
10:58- console Daughter who is then bawling
11:00- get Mookie into the bath.  Try to keep Daughter out of his face.

Goodness.  It's not even noon!  God, grant me patience!

Good thing both Daughter and Mookie are so cute!

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