Wednesday, June 17, 2015

22 months! (sitting in "drafts" way too long)

Our little girl is 22 months old!

  • She LOVES strawberries. Loves loves LOVES!
  • loves pool time (or water of any sort)
  • enjoys mud!
  • Doesn't understand why we don't go outside in the rain. (see above)
  • Still fits in her 18 month clothes, but starting to wear more 24 month/2T
  • Loves balls, throwing, and chasing.
  • Loves running (Especially at church!)
  • She started going under the pews at church.  That is less than fun.
  • We got and made her new quiet toys for at church but all she wants to do there is run.
  • laughs when others are laughing.
  • says "God bless you" when I sneeze.
  • She likes to do something and then make sure people are watching her.
  • She enjoys skyping and FaceTime with her cousins and Grandparents.
  • Enjoys riding the rocking horse on the couch (I put it up to vacuum and then she hops on it)
  • She likes to "help" wind up the cord and put away the vacuum.
  • Starting to scream a lot.  We're working on "inside voice" and using her words.
  • She spits out a sentence like it's nothing sometimes, but often just babbles.
  • Uses inflections well.
  • her sleep schedule is really anything but a schedule.  She wakes when she wakes and naps when she's tired.  We try to put her in bed around 8 but sometimes she just plays in there for a bit.
  • She can climb into her crib!  I'm hoping its a while before she figures out that climbing out would be just as easy (if not more so)

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