Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I spoke with God's Children adoption agency yesterday

I had been emailing with God's Children Adoption since Monday but the woman asked me to call her.  I like doing things on email because then I have record and never forget a question while listening to the other person, but I wrote down some questions and furiously scribbled her responses.

They don't generally allow couples registered through other agencies to join theirs, but they have a shortage of adoptive couples right now (only 2) so Lindsey (the social worker) said if I forward her our home study, computer profile, and photo books, she'll add us to the list for ND adoptions.

Last year they did 20 domestic adoptions.  Only 3 of those were from ND, the majority are out of state babies being adopted by North Dakotans.

We *may* be able to fully register with them for all domestic adoptions, but then we'd need another home study and she said they've never done that.  Plus, it would be an extra $3000.  She recommended waiting with our current agency until our home study expires next year.

If we are interested in being registered and home studied through both agencies, she doesn't think they'll be able to do it, but they might.

Also, adoptions from other states can cost $10,000-$20,000 more.  Yikes!

Mat was just talking last night about how nice it would be  if adoption were really as easy as it was in Despicable Me.  Yep.


  1. Sounds like things are moving along. There seems to be so much to consider, choose between, etc. Praying for God to guide you in His ways to His glory as you grow your family!

  2. Thanks, Lara! Prayers are always appreciated :)