Friday, May 13, 2016


This year I got the garden in early!  We'd been having such nice weather and Mat tilled it up on Mother's Day for me. 40% bigger, but I got it planted already!

I bought 11 starts from a garden center; tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, basil, and jalapeños. 

We've got the rhubarb and cilantro going as the perennials of the garden. We planted raspberries. I did three rows of sweet corn in the back from the seeds I saved two years ago. And partial rows of green beans. If the corn or the green beans don't grow, the. I'll just have to but store seeds and replant.  I also threw in some sunflowers in the back corner just because I had some seeds from years ago. We'll see of they grow.

But now it's supposed to be below freezing tonight.... That's what I get for planting early!  So I went out and blanketed. 

It is very windy today, and I'm a one-armed person. I think I did pretty well 😊

I wasn't able to cover the whopper tomatoes, because Mat had (at my request) preemptively stuck fence posts in to hold them up (we've had serious tippage in the past). 

I just took down the cages that weren't posted in, put short sticks around each plant, and covered as best I could. With the fence posts that Mat brought over for me last night. Those things are heavy- so it'll hopefully stay put!

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