Saturday, June 25, 2016

Silly had her kittens!!!!

Thursday she was big pregnant, then she disappeared all day yesterday, then this morning she was thin. I knew!  

Thursday pic. Can't really see the belly, but it's there!

Today pic. 

I found the kittens under my old car. Lucky we don't drive it!  

They're way under there. I count 4, but there could be a fifth. There's a black one, an orange one, and two calico. 

My dad freaked me out today by telling me that raccoons are going to eat them. So I tried to get Silly to follow me into the corner of the garage/barn that I had nested for her.  When I was on my way back there, something moved. I was wearing shorts and unarmed aside from a pocket knife, so I figured We'd look into it later. For the time being, we put a couple of unopened live traps and a dog fence around 3/4 of the car that they're under. Silly can still get out fine, but hopefully it will be safer. 

I can't wait until I can see more of them!  Daughter is so excited!

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