Saturday, July 23, 2016


I had a horrible scare. Yesterday morning when I went outside I smelled skunk....

Yikes!  So I went to look under the car where they had been.  There were only two there.  Huddled and scared near the wheel (rather than in the middle where they had been).  I thought about grabbing them and getting them somewhere safe, but I thought Silly would try and I hadn't yet touched them- so I didn't know if they would freak out if I touched them. 

There were skunk tracks all around the car and it smelled skunky.  

This morning they were all gone and Silly smelled like skunk.  Not like she got sprayed, but the slight aroma.  I asked her to take me to her kittens, but she wouldn't.  Couldn't find them anywhere.

I bawled.

Then this afternoon I went out and she came to greet me.  I asked about her kittens and she went into the garage and looked toward a particular cluttered corner.  I made my way back there through the clutter, and there they were!  All 4 of them!!!!!!

The calico came out a bit but hissed at me.  The orange one wouldn't even come out.

But these two...

meet Honey Lemon
meet Wasabi
happy mommy
Daughter had to come meet them
friendly kitties!
I can't express how thankful I am that they're all alive!  Silly is one amazing mama kitty!  How she got them all away from the skunk, I'll never know. 

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