Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Potty regression with a stubborn girl....

  Daughter was trained. We were done. Only pull-ups at night time/ nap time with 2-3 accidents per week. Then in the last two weeks she started having accidents and then being too stubborn to go when I asked/told her to. 

I Looked online and the suggestion is to not tell her to go to the potty- but have her "clean" every mess she makes. I've been doing that all day and she just doesn't care!  She'll happily play with poopy or wet panties until I notice and make her go to the potty and "clean up". 

This morning we went to town. Fun outing and a walmart run. I told her that if she has an accident, we'll have to go straight home so she had to go to the potty when she has to go. 

Worked until the drive home...

She tells me she has to potty. I pull over at a gas station.  I ask if I can pump gas first and she says no. We go inside. She says "mamas turn". Ok. So she needs me to go first?  Alright then. I go. She won't. I pull down her pants and stick her on the toilet. Nada. 

I get home to a wet daughter, car seat, and seat underneath it. 

No success today. She hasn't mentioned "potty" aside from our trip home this morning. 

3 is worse than 2 by far!


  1. Oh hang in there, she will get it, I promise! She might just not be ready, even at 3. One of ours went to 3.5 years old and than just got it one day. She's still just a little human in training, lol. Enjoy the fall with her and maybe revisit it when the snow falls. She has a great mama!

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