Sunday, January 8, 2017

Things off the to-do lists...

We are checking things off our to do lists!  I've repacked the hospital bag, with a separate bag for Son (coming home outfit, blankies, boppy pillow, first pics outfit), put together the Rock N Sleep

My awesome aunt, Pam, picked up his quilt for me (my long arm quilter is about 1.5 hours away in her town) and gave it to my mom. I'll pick it up from my mom tomorrow when we're in Fargo for an OB appt. then I'll get it labeled and bound!  
Yay!  It's super spacey and I love it :)

Mat has been busy with his to-do list and really pumping out the projects. He fixed the vent tube in the crawl space that some critter had torn apart....

Little fix it projects that will just make life easier when Son comes home.  And now he's going to work on the tractor. 

I need to do some more laundry, write some thank yous, clean, and give Mat a haircut. But it's looking pretty good!

Today Daughter did really well in Sunday School, Church, and Bible Study (only one melt down at the end of Bible Study, which is really good for her) so we decided to go get our Sundaes on Sunday's at DQ

And she did really well there, too!  She stayed in the booth and ate!  So unlike her, but really great!

This was our last Sunday as a family of three 😊


  1. Wonderful! I just keep coming back to God has been there every step of the way along your journey building your family! He has never left your side! I am amazed watching as an outsider. He is so good and loves your family! So excited to hear your news this week and "see" your family expand! Continuing to pray for you! Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  2. Hi Malia,
    How are you doing?
    Praying. -Kj

  3. Wondering how you are doing as well? Praying for you.

  4. Thinking of you all, wondering how things are. Praying for you all...

  5. Praying for you and thinking of you.