Saturday, February 18, 2017

All is well!

All is well and moving along!

We had some serious hurdles, but Son is home and the birth mother's TPR is set in a couple of weeks.

I'm very sorry about keeping everybody in the dark!  We were advised by our SW to not post anything.  I can't even show pictures to friends in person!

I can't wait to post pics!  Daughter is such an amazing big sister  :)

Again, I'm so sorry for keeping everyone in the dark. 

Pics to come soon!


  1. So very glad to see this post! Hoping for a smooth final chapter of this process for you! Xox

  2. So happy to hear this. I had noticed the silence and was worried - have been praying for you all a lot recently. I can only imagine how stressful this all is right now.

  3. So glad to hear! Will continue to pray for you and your family! I was worried too!