Friday, March 24, 2017

JAM! (Jesus and me)

Daughter had a blast today at JAM!  It was a building workshop and she got to build with different things. 


She had a melt down after  she wandered into another part of the church while I was doing a diaper change on Son. One of the other moms went to get her for me. 

Oh, the humanity!  Screams galore!

So I took her out to the car until she calmed down   She said she was tired and sad. She wanted a nap. She wanted her blankies. 

Last night she passed out at 5:45 and slept until 6 today (giving up on napping is tough!). 

I told her that we had to go inside to get Son but that we could leave if she wanted. Once we got inside they were playing a running game (what time is it, Mr Fox?) and she wanted to stay and run around. 

Better than the last outing we tried!  

Here are some pics of Son today, too 😊


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