Tuesday, April 18, 2017

3 month home visit

Today was the three month post placement visit. Half way to finalization!!!!

Last night was stormy so Son didn't sleep well. The rain gage had almost 2 inches in it this morning!  The rest of the day was rainy so we decided to run to town as a family. 

First we went to the library...

Then we went to DQ
Daughter got cold after we had our ice cream (I did too!)
Then while Mat and Joey waited in the car, Daughter and I did a Walmart run. She did the best she's ever done in the store!  I was so impressed!

It was a fun day even though it was pretty icky. 😊

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  1. Love those days! They are fun! We are getting rain today, so we are running eerrands as well. Thanks for sharing!