Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sleep training

Son wakes up 3-4 times a night. If he doesnt, he wakes more!  So my aunt suggested a book that she used with her kids. We got it and started training last night....

Daughter was at Grammy and Grampys house last night (she was supposed to stay through Sunday, but she got homesick and is on her way back now). We decided it's a great time to start!

Son and Daughter will be sharing a room so I wanted to do sleep training when Daughter wasn't here so he didn't wake her. Last night went better than expected. He cried, but I didn't!  And he really didn't cry that long. Then this morning he slept until 8!  

His naps today are going great. He's gone down without fussing for both. 

Hopefully it keeps going smoothly!  We're planning on having him in our room tonight and then Daughter is going to the lake with my parents this weekend. He'll have the room to himself again and hopefully we'll finish sleep training!

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