Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Daughter is 4!!!

Daughter is 4!!!!  Where has the time gone?

On her birthday we went to the zoo and she rode the carousel 8 times!

Daddy and Son joined her once. But most of the time it was just Daughter and Pegasus (her carousel horse). 

We got pizza and watched a movie. All things that Daughter loves. 😊

Now that she's 4 she...

  • Knows her capital letters 
  • Knows her numbers 1-10
  • Can write capital letters (her favorite is H)
  • Loves to sing!  Especially VBS songs with motions 
  • Loves blocks
  • Loves horse rides and most animals
  • Favorite movie at the moment is Moana
  • Loves playing outside
  • Loves her little brother!

  • Loves the library
  • Loves being a big sister!

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