Thursday, January 18, 2018

Son is one!!!

He’s 31.5 inches (96%) and 29 lbs (99%).   His head is 95th percentile so he’s pretty big all around. 

Wearing 2t clothes. 

He’s walking everywhere!  

He has 10 teeth, 4 molars, and two more I teeth coming in. 

He says mama, Dada, papa, gamma, hi, bye, and just today said “sista” for the first time!  He was pointing at her picture!

He loves food!  Favorites are meat, noodles, peas, raspberries, and crackers. 

He has had bad ear infections and will be getting tubes later this month. 😞

Because of that (and the constant teething) he has not slept through the night for at least a month. 

Even though he is so uncomfortable he is still very smiley and happy. Eager to explore and laugh- he loves being chased by daddy or sister. 

We are so blessed to be his family!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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