Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Choosing curriculum...

This year we're doing My Father's World Pre-K and both daughter and I love it.  I do have some slight issues with the fact that it is clearly made for Baptists, but the differences are small and infrequent so that I can just skip the part "Will you ask Jesus into your heart?" and rearrange the ten commandments (to, ahem, the correct **cough cough- Lutheran** way ;)

I've been reading the book  When Children Love to Learn with a homeschooling friend who uses Charlotte Mason method with her kiddos.  I'm really enjoying it and I'm smack dab in the middle between the Charlotte Mason approach and the Classical approach.  MFW is a nice balance.

I have another friend who uses the Classical approach with her daughter and I've spoken with her about it.  There is a curriculum, Memoria Press, that seems ideal.  There is also Classical Conversations, but the nearest class is an hour away and it's expensive.  Plus, I don't know that a weekly class is really a good fit for us.

We're also looking into Math-U-See for a supplementary math program (most kindergarten curriculum come with a math program).  We're pretty certain that we want to get a supplementary math curriculum, just not 100% sold on Math-U-See.

And then there are all the other curriculum out there...

I really like complete curriculum with a teachers manual that is just open and go.  I LOVE that about MFW.

Lots of decisions to be made! 

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