Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I miss Kelly :(

Kelly was the IVF nurse at NEDC... she was thoroughly awesome and kind as could be.  Now there's a new nurse, Nancy... who I'm sure is just stressed about picking up patients mid-cycle, but she certainly came across as less-than-friendly.

Sucky.  I emailed her yesterday asking if I needed to order a refill of my Estrace... no response... so I called her today and she seemed a bit peeved that I would have to call and ask.  Well, I emailed to ask but didn't get a response... I need them by Friday if I need a refill, so, yeah, sorry, thought I'd call.

I hope she was just having a bad moment and that she's more friendly next week.

I'm getting some acne... not sure if it's a side effect from the drugs or stress.

Next week I'll be in TN about to get our babies in my womb!


  1. So sorry that the new nurse was less than friendly to you. It seems that they change IVF nurses a lot there. I worked with 2 nurses for my first transfer and then one left. So, I then had a new nurse too for my 2nd and 3rd transfer. All of them were before Kelly too. But, thankfully, all of them were always friendly and helpful.

  2. Please call the managemant and let them know she wasn't nice...it's part of their jobs as caregivers to take CARE of their patients and if she is peeved to you(one of nicest people I know) i can't imagine how she responds to not so patient other people/patients. You could also request another nurse-I'm sorry you have to deal with all that-it's enough to be going through all this with a friendly staffer helping you out. LOVE YOU!!! and keep your chin up...

  3. She wasn't mean or anything... just compared to the angelic Kelly she came across a bit gruff. And I don't want to raise a stink about it because I don't want any additional stress going in... if she had actually been mean, yes, I would call and let management know.

    Funny thing is I call to compliment workers far more often than I call to complain. The managers always say it's rare for someone to call with praise... I should have told them how awesome Kelly was! :(

  4. I did notice she seemed overwhelmed when she called about me starting Estrace. She actually called me twice. I think she forgot she had called me and was asking me the exact same things she had the day before. I am a lurker on your blog. We have our mock transfer in Jan :)

  5. My last RE had a nurse that was less than friendly. I used to feel guilty for asking questions. This process is stressful enough without help from the nurse!

    The time is almost here! Are you getting nervous?

  6. I would say more anxious...

    Godspeed, Andrea and Kim, with your transfers!