Thursday, March 14, 2013

3rd OB appointment... Dr switch!

Went well!  I've officially gained 20 lbs at just under 20 weeks... so... yeah.  But, my OB says that's good and they expect me to gain more than average.  Daughter's HB was 147 (between 120 and 160 is normal).

She told me that our daughter was in the 42% at about 9 ounces last week at the ultrasound.  It's crazy to think that she's so small but moving around so much!  Today I let my mom and dad feel her.  They each had a hand on one side of my stomach.  At first, Daughter was wiggling on the right for my mom to feel, so then my dad switched sides so he could feel, and daughter switched to the left!  She's quite the little gymnast!  Playing hide and seek with grandpa already!

I got some of my questions answered...

Gardening is OK (woot woot!  Starting seeds soon!)

Protein is the best thing to eat before bed to make it through more of the night without waking up hungry.

We should never worry about too much movement.

I don't have to adjust my eating habits if Daughter moves more after I eat a certain food.

Laying on my stomach is fine as long as I'm comfortable.

An Active baby in the womb doesn't necessarily mean an active new born- just that she's healthy.

And ***TMI alert*** heavy discharge is normal and probably going to get worse.

At the last OB appt, I thought I may have noticed some maternity pants on my OB doctor as she bent over for something.  I told Mat about it, but didn't really think much of it.

Today, my mom took me to the appt in her all wheel drive (after getting stuck 3 times last week, we thought it would be safer!) and she was excited to meet my OB and hear the heart beat.  So I told her before we went to look to see if she thought the Dr was preggo.  At the end of the appointment, the Dr brought up that her due date had changed.  She had been due in mid August, but now her due date had been bumped up to July.  I said "Congrats!" and she told me my options...

I could either switch Dr's now, continue seeing this Dr until I absolutely had to change, or I could see them both.  I asked her if she would be offended at all if I switched now and she assured me that she would not and she completely understood.  She said that a few of her patients who were on their second, third, or fourth were sticking with her, but she completely understands that a first time mom who has been through everything we've been through to get Daughter would want to switch now.

The other doctor sounds great.  She is actually the Dr that the preggo Dr is going to for her OB care and will do the delivery.  I just confirmed that she was not of child bearing age... just to ensure that she wouldn't have pregnancy conflicts as well.  We'll have to find another appt that Mat can come with me for, because he wants to meet the Dr before the delivery.

And last night, one of Mat's friends offered us some baby girl clothes!  They have two daughters and want us to have some of the clothes :)

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  1. Glad all is going well and that you are happy with the new OB choice. Won't be too long now!