Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lactation Consultant appointment

We met with Pauline yesterday.  She's the LC we had seen in the hospital and one week after Daughter was born.  She told me that it's perfectly OK to use the nipple shield for as long as I'd like and as often as I'd like.  She had me nurse with the shield and without it.  She told me that it will be easier for Daughter to get milk from a less-than-full breast without the shield, and from the nursing at the visit, that seemed apparent. 

I nursed on both sides with and without the shield.  She took over two ounces from one side with the shield (the fuller side) but then only 2 ML from the other.  We then tried without the shield and she took a whole ounce.  Pauline said that she latches on pretty well both with and without the shield.  Apparently it's hurting me because I have a fair complexion.  Who knew? 

So, since the appointment I've nursed about 75% with the shield and 25% without.  That's manageable.  Plus, that way I don't have to worry about attaching a shield if I ever nurse in public using my nursing covers.

After the appointment we ran some errands.  Then we went to my parents place in Fargo to nurse again and she got a "milk coma" (aka milk drunk)


  1. Sounds like things are going wonderfully. As you said - nursing is hard - but it sounds like it going great overall! She is so beautiful!

  2. Gotta love the milk coma!! She is precious! Glad you are getting some help. I could not have survived without the lactation specialists with Keller. Hoping it is easier this time, but preparing for hard times again! : )

  3. Thanks for sharing your nursing experiences (including your last post). I know breastfeeding is best and I'm glad most people are now aware of it. However, not many people really talk about how difficult it can be for some people. Another friend of mine had a baby a month ago and she also posted about how tough it can be to breastfeed. And how many moms really want to breastfeed but just can'r or have to stop for whatever reasons. I'm hoping if/when my day comes I will be able to breastfeed successfully. Love that your little girl is able to breastfeed successfully (though it may be hard on momma!).

  4. Oh my goodness! I take a vacation from the blogosphere and look what I missed! She's absolutely beautiful, so happy for you, congrats!!!