Sunday, September 1, 2013

More blisters...

I had a blood blister on Thursday and Friday.  Looking online, everything said to pop it.  So I called the LC office on Friday and they said not to pop it and just to allow it to break naturally- even though it may pop in daughters mouth.  It got larger and larger with each nursing session.  It did pop on its own yesterday though. 

So I feel much better... but now there's another plain old blister appearing.  So I have pain from that, too.  I don't get it!  The LC says Daughter's latch is good... the one I spoke with on the phone said that it might be poor positioning.  I'm trying some new positions.  But I think that the blood blister may have caused the poor positioning which led to the other blister....

I think the blood blister came from Daughter suckling too hard through the sheild.  It first appeared when I was using a shield...

And Daughter hasn't been sleeping that great last night or Friday night.  So we're pretty exhausted and I'm sore.  Good thing this happened over a long weekend!


  1. So sorry you are having so much trouble. I really can relate. Look on Amazon and you'll find many styles of shields - maybe one of these would work better?

  2. Not sure what causes them sometimes.... Had them sometimes at 10-11 months of bfing. I agree not to pop them.. Always thought they hurt worse then. hoping things get better soon!

  3. Wow, I am learning all kinds of new and scary things about breastfeeding. I hope things get better soon!