Monday, February 10, 2014

Our giggly happy baby :)

Last Thursday night Daughter did not sleep well at all.  So mama didn't sleep well.  She was up at least every two hours.  Yikes!

So, thanks to Mat, I learned that sometimes Daughter just needs to babble to herself for 20-25 minutes before falling back asleep.  He let her do that when I was napping on Friday and she seemed great!  She napped for 3 hours!

So I've started turning off our bedroom monitor and turning the living room one to volume 3.  If she starts fussing, I hear it, but this way I don't wake up when she babbles contentedly.

Last night and the night before were the third and fourth times ever she has slept through the night.  Woot!  Happy baby and happy mama!  I know it's not going to happen every night... but it's been awesome!

trying out mama's hair and cup

Sleeping at Bible study. 

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