Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Someone's ready for summer!

We picked up Daughter's first swim suit!

I know, she's adorable!

This winter has been colder than normal.  Plus, our furnace seems to have gone out.  We're able to keep it bearable with space heaters, but we're going to be replacing the furnace soon.  Generally when we get up in the morning it's about 62.  Daughters room has the best and newest space heater that keeps it at 68.

I like winter.  I like snow.  I like bundling up to go outside rather than over heating in a few minutes.  But I'm about ready for spring.  Now that I'm not pregnant, I'm not as hot all the time.

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  1. She's a doll! I'm done with winter too. Plus our snowblower just died. Here's to warmer weather.... just need it to come soon!