Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Social norms do not apply to babies...

Babies can do just about anything and get away with it.  Social norms are excused by their cuteness!

Things babies (Daughter in particular) do...

  • Stare.  Daughter can stare at any random person she feels like staring at.  It's fine!  More often than not, said person tries to elicit a smile or a giggle.
  • Reach into mouths.  Is she meeting someone for the first time ever?  If she's close enough, she's going to stick her hand in his mouth. 
  • Grab/pull hair.  It hurts.  I have far less hair now than I had before baby.  Often times, after sticking her hand in a mouth (possibly her own, ya never know!) she'll then style someones hair with the spit. 
  • Fuss.  If an adult fussed as much as Daughter, I would either fight the urge slap them or leave.
  • Babble.  The best are "Mamamamamama" or "Dadaddadadada" babbles.
  • Screech.  Just because she can, she does.  Loudly. 
  • Grunt one out at the dinner table.  
  • Toot in our faces.  And laugh about it.  We're Monty Python fans, so we like to say "I toot in your general direction" a la Holy Grail.  We even have the fake accent... but Monty Python doesn't use the word "toot".

Social norms... could you imagine if an adult did these things?  But it's cute when Daughter does it :)